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Welcome to Yard Smart,LLC!

We’re dedicated to offering Quality Lawn Care & Landscape Maintenance services to Waukesha County Residents for every season!

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A Look Back in Time

The inspiration for "Yard Smart" came to mind in 2009, after two years of employment within the Landscaping Industry and the Sole Proprietorship of “Phil’s Landscaping”. After acquiring skills, knowledge, and firsthand experience working for other local service providers it became my mission to take a proactive approach in correcting many of the issues in a flawed Industry.

In Spring 2009, the name "Yard-Smart" was selected for its simplicity and transparency to complement the pricing system with benefits and methodology for each of our services. Our name “Yard Smart” says everything you need to know. While our competitors consider these details to be "secrets of the trade”, Yard Smart, LLC. utilizes technology for superb communication and accurate information without ever stepping foot on-site.

Present Day

Our clients recognize we’re more than an average company the first time they witness our team in action. A passion driven workforce fueled by high attention to detail produces the “WOW Factor” on every service call and helped build the reputation we hold today.

Our Company Goals


Our number one goal is to maintain a high level of reliability to all of our contracted customers. Unlike other lawn care companies, Yard Smart, LLC. doesn’t operate on false guarantees and our past customer testimonials verifies Yard Smart's stellar reputation!


Mother Nature has proven time and time again to be our biggest adversary when it comes to maintaining consistency within our services. Timing is everything when combating certan weather elements, and that is the main reason our services are performed on a routine basis. Other areas we excel in consistency is within our Pricing, and the methods we use while servicing a customers property. Without consistency, you never know what type of service you will get.


Over the last 12 years Yard Smart has chosen to develop and expand in areas which proved to be most useful to our customers. There’s no plan to stop and celebrate for 2019, but instead we plan to continue our growth by offering full Pesticide/Herbicide, Aquatic mosquito, and Aeration Services to all of our clients.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our services, feel free to speak with one of our service crews, call between the hours of 8am to 5pm or contact us.

Phil Haldeman
Yard Smart, LLC. Owner & Operator